PSP Program
PSP Program MPs of the Sudurpashchim Province Assembly enhancing their leadership skills with PSP #UNDP
Health Mothers Group Meeting
Health Mothers Group Meeting Health Mothers’ Group (HMG) meetings are convened to discuss topics related to health in every months.
Home visit
Home visit Pregnant women are receiving visits where they are given essential information regarding their pregnancy and preparation for childbirth.
Inauguration Mr. Chakra Bdr. Bogati, Chairperson of Chure Rural Municipality, formally inaugurates the Khairala Health Post.
Handover Ceremony
Handover Ceremony The ceremonial handover and inauguration of the Khairala Health Post
ROUSG Handover Ceremony
ROUSG Handover Ceremony FAYA Nepal-IHSBMC Project provided two ultrasound machines to the Nigali and Khairala Health Posts to facilitate regular ultrasound services.
HP Construction @ Khairala
HP Construction @ Khairala construction of the Health Post (HP) building at Chure RM 2 Khairala ready to handover propcess
Pregnant home visit
Pregnant home visit Serving a home conuselling to pregnant women at her home about pregnancy care and preparedness for institutional delivery at Chure RM-2 Khairala
MPs @ Sudurpashchim Province Assembly: Experience Sharing Event
MPs @ Sudurpashchim Province Assembly: Experience Sharing Event Sharing experiences is essential for personal and collective growth. It enriches lives, promotes learning, nurtures empathy, and contributes to the overall improvement of members of the Provincial Assembly#UNDP
01 About Us "It is a non-governmental, apolitical, and not-for-profit organization based in Sudurpashchim Province Nepal"
02 Mission Statement "Contributing sustainable development for obtaining prosperity"
03 How We work "We collaborate with governmental, non-governmental, private sectors, and partner/donor agencies, with centralizing a human rights-based approach"